Few things bind Irish people together better than our love of sport! And few things give expression to that love better than the many sports clubs found in townlands, villages, and cities up and down the country.

Sports clubs instil in all of us a strong sense of identity, deep feelings of belonging and the reassurance of being part of the 'team'.

Whether in the throes of competition or cheering from the sidelines, how well our clubs perform and however much they may achieve are things that warm the heart and stoke the pride of supporters everywhere.

Managed by dedicated volunteers committed to their task, sports clubs are the very essence of community. A unifying element and a focal point for good, they are the magnets to which so many of us are drawn – a home-from-home where those who are fit and able meet the challenge of competition and those less energetic or less able enjoy the friendship and the camaraderie that all members and supporters share.

Our Texaco Support for Sport initiative is designed to recognise the important contribution that sports clubs make within society by supporting them in a manner that can benefit them most.

Rekindling a cherished relationship that exists between Texaco and generations of Irish sports enthusiasts, our initiative will appeal to the competitive spirit of Irish sports clubs and their memberships.

Yours may be a frontline sport for teams or individuals, or one particular to an age or interest group or reflective perhaps of a lifestyle, talent or ability. All are welcome!
Open to properly constituted and officially registered clubs throughout Ireland, the programme sets aside a €130,000 fund to be divided and distributed on a county-by-county basis in twenty-six equal amounts of €5,000 to each successful club. Its intended benefit will be shared amongst those clubs that put forward the most convincing rationale, the most deserving plan for its use.

Leading the adjudication process is Texaco Support for Sport ambassador, acclaimed Irish rugby international and radio and TV broadcaster, Donncha O’Callaghan. With his unique insight and perspective - coupled with knowledge and experience gained at club and international level - Donncha’s independence and objectivity will inform the adjudication process in a manner we believe will be universally respected.

Applications to the Texaco Support for Sport initiative are welcomed from the 23rd of October 2023 and further information regarding the programme can be viewed elsewhere on this website.
We wish sports clubs throughout Ireland the best of luck in their pursuit of our €5,000 award!

Texaco Support for Sport

Texaco Support for Sport.
Any sport. Every county.