Terms & Conditions

1. Applicants must be sports clubs affiliated to a sporting association or federation in the Republic of Ireland represented by a duly authorised individual. Applications from applicants who have previously applied for or received a Texaco Sportstars Bursary are permitted but applications from applicants who have previously been awarded a Texaco Support for Sport award will not be accepted.

2. Applications  must  be  submitted  to  Valero  Energy  (Ireland)  Limited  (“Valero”)  at                      www.TexacoSupportforSport.com. Applications are limited to one application per club. Applications will be accepted between 9 am on 23rd October 2023 and 6 pm on 31st January 2024 (inclusive). 
3. Applications must be submitted as text of up to 250 words and be accompanied by the club’s constitution document (e.g. articles of association). A maximum of four images and/or a short 30-second video may also be submitted in support of an application. Applications must not include any names or images of individuals. A voice-over is permitted in the case of videos.

4. Canvassing of members of staff of Valero or of the judge by, or on behalf of, an applicant will disqualify the applicant.

5. Applicants must be based in the Republic of Ireland and hold a valid GS number (Games & Sports Exemption number). This number is issued by the Office of the Revenue Commissioners in respect of sports bodies that have been granted tax exemption under Section 235 of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. Applications must include written confirmation from the Office of the Revenue Commissioners indicating that a valid GS number is held at the time of application.

6. Applicants must state in their application whether any member of the applicant’s board is employed by Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited or in any way connected with Valero in the Republic of Ireland. 

7. If successful, applicants must provide report(s) on the utilization of their award on request by Valero. A successful applicant must use the award in accordance with the details of the proposed expenditure stated in their application form. Full repayment of the award will be required if the applicant does not use the award in accordance with the details stated in the application form.

8. The applications will be submitted to an independent judge for review. His/her decision shall be based on the worthiness of the project and the deservedness of the club as determined by him/her.

9. The judge’s decision is final. Successful applicants will be notified by email in July 2024. No other correspondence or communication will be entered into regarding the judge’s decision. Details of successful applicants will also be published on Valero’s website www.TexacoSupportforSport.com and issued to national, regional and local media.

10. Successful applicants agree to participate in publicity organized by Valero in relation to the award and to ensure that suitable representatives of the club (“Club Members”) shall participate in publicity organized by Valero in relation to the award which is intended to take place in July and August 2024, and agree to these terms and conditions. Each applicant must procure that each Club Member, if asked by Valero, agrees (1) to give a testimonial of the club’s experience to Valero which may be used in marketing and publicity, including on the Valero website; (2) to attend any awards ceremonies or other press events that Valero may arrange; (3) to provide photos of himself/herself to Valero and a biography outlining his/her achievements that Valero may use in Valero advertising and marketing including by providing this information to press agencies and other media outlets; and (4) that they will provide reasonable information and assistance to Valero in other marketing and publicity activities associated with the award.

11. It is a condition of participating in the Texaco Support for Sport programme that the applicant ensures that each Club Member consents to the processing of his or her personal data as described in the Texaco Support for Sport Privacy Policy which may be viewed at www.TexacoSupportforSport.com/privacy-policy

12. Applicants should retain a copy of their application as applications will not be returned.

13. Company Details: Valero Energy (Ireland) Limited, First Floor, Block B, Liffey Valley Office Campus, Quarryvale, Dublin 22, Ireland. Telephone: 01 6258200. 


October 2023